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ctcLink Explainer: Employee Self-Service Demystified

March 18, 2021 by ctcLink Communications

Who can see my personal information in ctcLink?

In ctcLink, we can access our own personal information (name, address, emergency contacts, salary, benefits, and more) in one central location Not only can you see your personal information, you can also update and manage some of it yourself.

Because this “self-service” feature does not exist in the Legacy system, many people are surprised after their colleges go live at how easy it is to see and manage this information online.

For some, that surprise turns to concern: “If I can see my personal information online, can others see it too?”

The answer is no. Other people cannot see your self-service page or click on the tiles within to see your personal information. You are the only one with access to that view.

ctcLink Employee Self-Service page: Includes tiles for SBCTC Careers, Time, Payroll, Personal Details, Benefit DetailsImage: Example of the tiles on the ctcLink Employee Self-Service page.

Because we had little direct access to our own data in the Legacy system, it is quite a change for all of us to readily see this information online, so it is understandable people may have questions and concerns.

Insight into ctcLink/PeopleSoft security and how access to information is set up at each college may help to ease concerns.

The answer to who can see the information included in the tiles largely depends on the security roles assigned to an employee. For example, a person working in payroll will have access to payroll and benefit information for individuals in order to do their work. Certain people in human resources and payroll will be able to access your personal details as well as sick and vacation accrual based on their work responsibilities.

As another example, supervisors have access to certain employee information, such as leave balances and contact information.

While colleges are preparing to go live with ctcLink, they work closely with the Washington State Board for Community and Technical College’s (SBCTC) ctcLink Project Team to establish security roles for employees prior to go-live.

Colleges develop their own security role plan, including approving who can be assigned roles, then assigning, managing, and auditing the roles. Significant improvements in this process are made with each deployment group. For help, or if you have questions about your own ctcLink security access settings, follow your college’s local ctcLink Security process. Your college project manager can point you in the right direction.

Bottom line: Data security is always the highest priority in their work.

While it may take some time to get used to all that ctcLink has to offer, there are many benefits and improvements, such as the employee self-service features. For example, employees appreciated receiving their W2s in mid-January in ctcLink, rather than waiting for it to arrive in the mail. 

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