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ctcLink Scope Transfer Review Seeks Systemwide Input

September 13, 2022 by ctcLink Communications

ctcLink subject matter experts (SMEs) systemwide are being called upon for their input and insight in the ctcLink Scope Transfer review process.

What are the ctcLink Scope Transfer Items?

When the ctcLink Implementation Project began in 2012, 2,488 requirements were defined as a part of the original Request for Proposals (RFP). These original 2,488 requirements were tracked in a Requirements Traceability Matrix (RTM), a tool used to track the original requirements and trace their delivery in a matrix form through implementation, amendment, or agreement to de-scope.

In 2022, when the ctcLink Implementation Project came to a close, 250 of the original 2,488 requirements were transferred from ctcLink “Project” scope to the future SBCTC IT/ctcLink Project Management Office (PMO) by approval of the ctcLink Project Steering Committee during its May 31, 2022 meeting.

This “scope transfer” was intended to ensure sufficient time for these 250 requirements to be fully researched through the project historical archives to determine whether:

  • The requirement was fully met,
  • The requirement was de-scoped without official governance approval,
  • A decision was made to delay implementation of functionality, or
  • There was insufficient information from colleges to determine the appropriate course of action to proceed with fulfilling these requirements.

You Are Invited to Review and Comment on the Transferred RTM Scope

The PMO team, in coordination with the ctcLink Support organization, has completed the work of documenting those 250 requirements and now seeks system-wide input from ctcLink subject matter experts (SMEs) to close the loop.

Three sets of guides (arranged by PeopleSoft pillar) allow SMEs to see which requirements were transferred to the PMO for review, with details around why the scope was transferred, and the results of the research.

Each scope item is assigned one of three possible actions

Slated for De-Scope

These are requirements that appear to have had a decision log entry de-scoping the requirement. In many cases the reasoning for the de-scope is straightforward (e.g., we didn’t buy an optional module, we don’t perform that function as a system because it’s handled by another agency, or our system doesn’t use that functionality). In each case the reasoning for the de-scope is provided, along with any reference to decision log entries.

Requirement Satisfied

The PMO Team, in conjunction with the Support organization, determined the functionality exists in ctcLink.

Requirement Clarifications Needed

It was determined that these requirements were not delivered, and additional information is needed. SMEs are invited to provide any relevant context for these requirements. Small group discussions, council/commission meetings, and ctcLink College Collaboration Group sessions will be utilized to confirm whether the requirement is still needed and define concrete, actionable requirement definitions. 

Colleges will be asked to prioritize these well-defined requirements for action to be taken to ensure their path to Production (live in the ctcLink system). Feedback times for each item will vary depending on the scheduling of the discussion topic in the proper forum.

What’s Next?

The PMO Team will work with the ctcLink Governance groups to review the requirements in the following order:

  • Slated for De-Scope items will be brought before the ctcLink Working Group in small batches for an “official” decision, per the schedule outlined in the RTM guides. SMEs with feedback (either agreeing with or objecting to the recommendation) should reach out to the PMO Team PRIOR to the Working Group decision date on those items slated for de-scope. That feedback will be taken to governance and included in the decision discussions.
  • Requirement Satisfieditems will be brought before ctcLink Working Group in one batch for an “official” decision to confirm these requirements are satisfied and finalized. SMEs with feedback (either agreeing with or objecting to the recommendation) should reach out to the PMO Team PRIOR to the decision date (currently targeted for early 2023).
  • Requirement Clarifications Needed– Timeline will be established in conjunction with relevant interest groups to ensure proper vetting has occurred.

How Can You Help?

Take some time to review the guides and email the SBCTC ctcLink Project Management Office at PMO Team with your input/feedback.

Not sure where to start?

  1. Select the RTM Scope Transfer guide for your PeopleSoft pillar area:
  2. Open the “Requirement Details” folder.
  3. In the ctcLink Working Group schedule section (at the bottom) look at the date each requirement is scheduled for de-scope. Find the earliest requirement in your functional area of expertise.
  4. If you have concerns with any requirements slated for de-scope, please send the SBCTC PMO Team your input/feedback.
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