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Legislature passes operating, capital budgets, adjourns 2022 session

March 11, 2022 by SBCTC Communications

After passing its supplemental operating and capital budgets and a $17 billion transportation budget, the Legislature yesterday at about 11:30 p.m. adjourned sine die.

For the community and technical college system, the operating budget includes funding for:

  • Cybersecurity workforce ($7.2 million)
  • Assistance for homeless students ($2.9 million)
  • Financial aid outreach with community based organizations ($2.7 million)
  • Climate curriculum review ($1.5 million)
  • Refugee education ($1.7 million)
  • Health care simulation lab equipment ($8 million)
  • Health care workforce Opportunity Grants ($8 million)
  • Nursing education ($3.8 million)
  • Commercial Driver’s License training ($2.5 million)
  • Outreach specialists ($1.5 million)

The budget includes funding to expand the Washington College Grant's maximum award from 55% of the state's median family income to 60% and provides funding for a new bridge grant program to support students receiving the maximum WCG award. The budget also provides $150 million in one-time funding to start the Washington Student Loan Program, which would provide student loans with a 1% interest rate to qualified students, pending the outcome of a feasibility report.

Legislators passed its supplemental capital budget Wednesday, including full funding for an asbestos mitigation project at Pierce College Fort Steilacoom's Olympic South building and $8.5 million in minor works infrastructure funding.

The budgets head to Gov. Jay Inslee for his signature or veto.

Trustees confirmed by Senate

The Senate on Monday confirmed Rebecca Johnson as a trustee of Whatcom Community College and Steve Hill as a trustee of the Seattle Colleges District.

"She has a strong personal story around education access. From her husband, who is a faculty member, to her students, who are mixed race and have grown up understanding how education can be a bridge to middle class family wage jobs and to equality for all of us," Sen. Emily Randall said of Johnson.

"Steven Hill is a long time Washington resident and public servant who has served his state and country with dedication and commitment and is eager to continue supporting the educational system here in Washington through service at the Seattle College District Board of Trustees," Randall said.

On Tuesday, the Senate confirmed Mike Kelly to the Cascadia College Board of Trustees and Debbie Ahl to the Bellingham Technical College Board of Trustees.

"He's a long time Washingtonian: a graduate of Bothell High School and Skagit Valley College. He is committed to public servant and looking to serve the educational system in Washington," Randall said of Kelly.

"She is being reappointed and has already served dedicatedly and is committed to advancing education for all people in Washington," Randall said of Ahl.

The Senate on Wednesday confirmed Astrid Aveledo as a trustee of Grays Harbor College.

"Astrid Aveledo brings to the Grays Harbor College board of trustees over 18 years of experience working in both public service and non profit with an extensive educational history,” Sen. T’wina Nobles said.

Thursday, the Senate confirmed Pat Shuman to the Tacoma Community College Board of Trustees, Eli Taylor to the Clover Park Technical College board and Florence Chang to the Bates Technical College board.

"I'm just thrilled for us today to support her confirmation so she can continue this great service to an organization that she believes in and has been improving over many, many years," Randall said of Shuman.

"He is a long-time community friend and supporter of organizations like the Tacoma Urban League," Nobles said of Taylor, citing his education, work experience at Key Bank and JP Morgan Chase, and community service with organizations like Degrees of Change and The Black Collective.

"Florence is dedicated to the educational success of students at Bates Technical College and has the experience of working herself in medical technology and in business administration, working in the non-profit sector as a health care executive. Perfect experience for ensuring the graduates of Bates, especially those many graduates in the health science fields, are off to a great start in life and in service to the people of Washington," Randall said of Chang.

The Senate also confirmed  Steve Zimmerman to the Wenatchee Valley College Board of Trustees, Juanita Richards to the Big Bend Community College board, Megan Scott O’Bryanto the Skagit Valley College board and Charles Stanley to the Centralia College board.

"He's an alum of the University of Puget Sound and earned his law degree at the Northwestern School of Law at Lewis and Clark College ... He’s a former member of the Wenatchee Valley College Foundation, and we support his confirmation," Sen. Jeff Holy said of Zimmerman.

"I know her personally. I go to church with her. I watch her handle her grandkids in the same manner that I had to handle my grandkids in church. She’s a wonderful community member. She is dedicated to Big Bend Community College and to the youth who attend school there, and I very much support appointment of Juanita Richards," Sen. Judy Warnick said.

"She is a graduate of Mount Vernon High School, Skagit Valley College and Western Washington University, and is a real estate broker in the Skagit Valley," Nobles said of O'Bryan, also speaking of her work with the Pacific Northwest Booksellers Association, the Downtown Association of Mount Vernon and the North Puget Sound Association of Realtors.

"I urge support for this dedicated public servant and forest professional," Randall said of Stanely.

Bill status roundup

The bills listed below were featured in this year's Legislative News.

Passed Legislature

The Legislature passed the following bills. Gov. Jay Inslee will sign or veto each over the coming weeks.

Bill number Bill title Bill status
HB 1751 Concerning hazing prevention and reduction at institutions of higher education

Feb. 15: Passed House 97-1.

March 3: Passed Senate 46-3.

March 8: House concurred in Senate amendments 97-0.

HB 1835 Creating outreach and completion initiatives to increase postsecondary enrollment

Feb. 11: Passed House 88-8.

March 4: Passed Senate 27-21.

March 8: House concurred in Senate amendments 83-14.

HB 2019 Increasing educational and training opportunities for careers in retail

Feb. 2: Passed House 94-2.

March 3: Passed Senate 49-0.

SB 5600 Concerning the sustainability and expansion of state registered apprenticeship programs

Feb. 12: Passed Senate 39-10.

March 3: Passed House 94-4.

March 7: Senate concurred in House amendments 36-13.

SB 5651/HB 1781 Concerning the capital budget

Feb. 23: Passed Senate 49-0.

March 8: Passed House 98-0.

March 9: Senate concurred in House amendments 49-0.

SB 5693/HB 1816 Making 2021-2023 fiscal biennium supplemental operating appropriations

Feb. 25: Passed Senate 29-19.

Feb. 26: Passed House 56-37.

March 10: Final passage in House 57-41.

March 10: Final passage in Senate 29-19.

SB 5764 Concerning apprenticeships and higher education

Feb. 10: Passed Senate 48-0.

March 3: Passed House 94-2.

March 7: Senate concurred in House amendments 49-0.

SB 5789 Creating the Washington career and college pathways innovation challenge program

Feb. 11: Passed Senate 49-0.

March 3: Passed House 77-19.

March 7: Senate concurred in House amendments 49-0.

SB 5847 Providing information to public service employees about the public service loan forgiveness program

Feb. 10: Passed Senate 37-12.

March 3: Passed House 66-32.

March 7: Senate concurred in House amendments 33-16.

Did not pass Legislature

The following bills failed to pass the Legislature.

Bill number Bill title Bill status
HB 1687 Enhancing the college bound scholarship program by increasing opportunities for students to attend community and technical colleges

Feb. 12: Passed House 84-14.

Feb. 28: Scheduled for executive session, but no action taken in Senate Ways and Means Committee.

HB 1659 Making higher education more affordable and accessible for students by bridging the gap between cost and need to reduce barriers, improve opportunity, and advance economic security

Feb. 13: Passed House 83-15.

March 4: Passed Senate 38-10.

March 10: By resolution, returned to Senate for third reading.

HB 1760 Expanding access to dual credit programs

Feb. 12: Passed House 98-0.

Feb. 28: Scheduled for executive session, but no action taken in Senate Ways and Means Committee.

HB 1840 Improving diversity, equity, and mental health at the community and technical colleges

Jan. 27: Passed House College and Workforce Development Committee.

Jan. 31: Referred to House Appropriations Committee.

HB 1861 Creating the Washington future fund trust fund program

Jan. 27: Passed House Housing, Human Services and Veterans Committee.

Jan. 31: Referred to House Appropriations Committee.

HB 1872 Establishing the care worker center to promote caregiving professions

Jan. 26: Passed House College and Workforce Development Committee.

Jan. 27: Referred to House Appropriations Committee.

HB 2055 Providing capital budget matching grants to independent higher education institutions

Feb. 7: Passed House Capital Budget Committee. Referred to Rules 2 Review.

SB 5692 Concerning programming at the department of corrections

Feb. 11: Passed Senate 49-0.

Feb. 13: Referred to House Public Safety Committee.

SB 5719 Concerning dual credit costs

Jan. 21: Passed Senate Early Learning and K-12 Committee.

Jan. 24: Referred to Senate Ways & Means Committee.

SB 5771 Including certain residents who do not have a high school diploma or credential and the number of students expected to enroll in basic education for adults courses at community and technical colleges in caseload forecast council forecasting

Feb. 10: Passed Senate 49-0.

Feb. 16: Referred to House Appropriations Committee.

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