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Learning to create change

February 18, 2022 by Mirian Mencias

Wow, I am amazed at this internship. It has opened my eyes to many remarkable aspects of the Washington state Legislature. Who would have thought back in November that I would be here trying to create change?

I find myself looking for ways to make pathways for students as they go to college; I’m interested in advocating and creating change. Before this internship, I had not realized that I can change and create policy. This internship taught me that it is possible for me to develop policy. I’ve learned the legislative process in and out to know how policy gets started. I have been meeting many interesting people. Above all, I have learned to speak up more often, to be assertive, and that everyone's voice counts.

I am currently working on the foundation of a policy. The work has been extraordinarily demanding, but I love that it has challenged me to think outside the box and encouraged me to reach out to others. It takes many brilliant minds coming together, plus the support of others, to help write policy and create something unique that will impact the lives of so many students.

I observed how many of the fantastic people who work here collaborate, and I have had the privilege to sit in and listen in those meetings. Now I am learning to put those skills to the test. This is teamwork, and it’s humbling to witness how so many people care and work so hard on behalf of students.

It’s extraordinary to witness is how many of you all pour your heart and soul into this work. It is truly a labor of love, compassion, and sacrifice. So, in case, no one has told you all today, on behalf of all the students who can’t see how much love you pour into your work, thank you for everything you do for us. Thank you all.

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