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State Board awards nearly $1.7 million for Career Connect Washington Career Launch programs

December 16, 2019 by SBCTC Communications

OLYMPIA, Wash. — The Washington State Board for Community and Technical Colleges has awarded nearly $1.7 million to community and technical colleges as part of Career Launch, an effort that's part of Career Connect Washington. Career Launch is aimed at preparing young adults for careers by combining high-quality on-the-job experience with classroom studies. The Washington state Legislature established the Career Launch Enrollment Expansion and the Career Launch Capital Equipment awards during the 2019 legislative session. Gov. Jay Inslee started Career Connect Washington in 2017.

Career Launch Enrollment Expansion

The Career Launch Enrollment Expansion award is intended to increase enrollment in Career Launch-endorsed programs and registered apprenticeships at Washington state's community and technical colleges. Funding will help more students enroll in and complete these programs and help students who have completed their program as they find a job. The colleges and programs selected for the award are:

  • Clark College — Semiconductors & Electronics: $144,000
  • Clover Park Technical College — HVAC/Refrigeration: $200,000
  • North Seattle College — Ironworkers Apprenticeship: $232,000
  • Renton Technical College — Carpentry Apprenticeship: $160,000
  • South Seattle College — Concrete Finishers Apprenticeship: $64,000
  • Spokane Community College — Automotive: $16,000
  • Spokane Community College — Ironworker Apprenticeship: $32,000
  • Spokane Community College — Insulator Apprenticeship: $32,000
  • Spokane Community College — Sheet Metal Apprenticeship: $32,000

Career Launch Capital Equipment

The Career Launch Capital Equipment award is intended to help Career Launch-endorsed programs and registered apprenticeships at community and technical colleges purchase equipment in support of those programs. Like the Career Launch Enrollment Expansion, outcomes for the capital equipment award focus on helping more students enroll and complete Career Launch programs and into employment after a student completes the program. Four colleges were selected for the equipment award:

  • Clark College — Semiconductor & Electronics: $603,397
  • Clover Park Technical College — Roofers Apprenticeship: $70,000
  • North Seattle College — Ironworkers Apprenticeship: $22,407
  • Spokane Community College — Automotive: $76,000

Career Connect Washington describes Career Launch programs as the most intensive type of career connected learning program. Its goal is to have 60 percent of young adults beginning with the class of 2030 participate in a Career Launch program. Career Launch programs can include registered apprenticeships, community or technical college or university programs with a work-based component, and a career and technical education program that meets credential requirements and includes a work-based component.

"Career Launch programs are an invaluable way to teach young adults the skills they need to enter the job market prepared for what employers need," said Jan Yoshiwara, executive director of the State Board for Community and Technical Colleges. "Students graduate with their degree and strong work history in the field they studied. Career Connect Washington's Career Launch awards will help more students start and finish these programs with the latest knowledge and hands-on experience."

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