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Council for Basic Skills (CBS) Members and Committees

Executive Committee 2019-20

Name Email Position
Brent Carter 


Teresa McDermott 


Kelli Bloomstrom 

Past Chair

Laura Singletary 


Kelli Graham 

CBO Member at Large

Faviola Barbosa

College Member at Large

Jennifer Barber

Lionel Candido

Co-Chairs for the Equity & Inclusion Committee

Heidi Summers

Faviola Barbosa 

Co-Chairs for the Guided Pathways Committee

Amie Batton

Sarah Stiffler

Co-Chairs - Innovation Committee

Erin Holloway

Sherri Fujita 

Co-Chairs for the Community Outreach, Recruitment & Retention Committee

Carol Fitzgerald

Laura Singletary 

Co-Chairs for the Program Integration & Development Committee


Committee Matrix

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