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Diversity and Equity Officers Commission (DEOC)

About Us

The strong emergence of executive-level equity officers across many of our colleges helped to establish the first Diversity and Equity Officers Commission (DEOC), a formal statewide collective that meets regularly throughout the year and reports directly to the Washington Association of Community and Technical Colleges (WACTC)- Presidents group. The DEOC works to advance racial equity and establishes goals to address power, privilege, and oppression, both within the CTC system and at each of the individual colleges.

The equity department works to center the expertise and intellect of the DEOC and lends ongoing support and guidance as they continue to grow as a group.

DEOC Leadership 2022-2023

  • DEOC Chair: Robert Britten
  • DEOC Secretary: Yadira Rosales
  • DEOC Financial Chair: D'Andre Fisher, M.Ed.
  • DEOC Workplan Coordinator: Iesha Valencia
    Title Name/Title Contact Information


    Robert Britten
    Executive Director of Equity, Diversity, and  Inclusion


    Yadira Rosales
    Director of Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

    Financial Chair

    D'Andre Fisher, M.Ed.
    Associate Vice President Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

    Workplan Coordinator

    Iesha Valencia
    Associate Vice President of Equity & Inclusion

Members and Committees

Contact information for DEOs within the community and technical college system.

Minutes and Handouts

Meeting minutes from past meetings.


Resources including Workplan and Bylaws.


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