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Preparing for Washington Association of Community and Technical Colleges (WACTC) Meetings on Your Campus

Here are some tips to help you prepare for a WACTC meeting on your campus. WACTC meetings are only open to presidents, chancellors and invited guests. Plan for approximately 50 people to attend the meeting. 

Contact Julie Walter with any questions or for logistical information.


Julie Walter
WACTC Coordinator


Sample Forms


A few months before the meeting, reserve a block of rooms at a local hotel. If it is possible, it is important the room rate be the area’s state per diem rate. The number of rooms reserved must accommodate presidents and chancellors traveling outside the 50-mile radius of their colleges. A safe estimate is 10 rooms for Wednesday night and 40 rooms for Thursday night.

Hotel information should be sent out as soon as possible so hotel arrangements can be made quickly. Also, most hotels have reservation deadlines that must be met.

Meeting space

Make sure to reserve meeting spaces. A large meeting room will be needed for the Presidents' Academy and Business Meeting and seven small rooms for the committee meetings. See itinerary of meetings for more details. 


Arrange for meals so prices can be included when determining registration cost for the meeting. Keep identifiable costs at the local area’s per diem rate and roll any extra costs into the registration fee. Some presidents and guests have dietary restrictions so plan meals accordingly. Include a place on the registration form for attendees to describe any dietary restrictions to ensure accommodations at meals.

Meal arrangements include:

  • Thursday
    • Presidents' Academy lunch
    • Light refreshments (coffee, tea, water, soda, dessert tray, etc.) for the afternoon committee meetings
    • Dinner
  • Friday
    • Breakfast (prior to business meeting)

Schedule of Meetings

The schedule of meetings is usually the same as for past meetings. Contact Julie Walter for meeting agenda details.

Itinerary of Meetings

The itinerary of meetings lists the approximate number of participants, preferred setup, meals and possible media equipment needed for each meeting.

Suggested Timeline

Listed below is a suggested timeline to follow while preparing for a WACTC meeting.

A few months prior to the meeting

  • Hotel information: Arrange for a block of rooms at a local hotel and email information out.
  • Draft schedule of meetings:  Contact Julie Walter for details.
  • Reserve meeting space: Reserve the appropriate meeting spaces needed.

One month prior to the meeting

  • WACTC packets: Email letter of invitation, draft schedule of meetings, and registration form.

One or two weeks prior to the meeting

  • Follow-up calls: Make follow-up calls to campuses not registered to determine final meal counts.
  • Equipment needs: Contact Julie Walter to determine if there are any equipment needs and make arrangements.

Friday prior to the meeting

  • WACTC packets:Julie Walter emails final agendas, campus map, driving directions, parking information, etc. to presidents and assistants.

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