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PIO Resource Manual: Voter Registration

Make Registration Forms Available

Community college campuses are required by law to make voter registration forms easily available on campus and provide a prominent link to the state's voter registration website.

RCW 29A.08.310 Voter registration in state offices, colleges

(4) Each institution of higher education shall put in place an active prompt on its course registration website (or similar website that students actively and regularly use) that links to the Secretary of State’s voter registration website. The prompt must ask the student if he or she wishes to register to vote.

Voter Drives

Each campus sets its own rules and policies about off-campus guests setting up information tables, posting information, signature-gathering, handing out literature, selling crafts, etc.

In general, vendors or signature gatherers should not harass students or be aggressive.

For example, following the campus’ permission processes, a non-profit like the League for Women Voters would reasonably be allowed to set up a table and passively share voter registration information and forms. 

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