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Research and Planning Commission (RPC) Mission & Vision

Mission Statement

The Research and Planning Commission (RPC), an organization of institutional research professionals, engages in applied community college research.

RPC adds value to the community and technical college system through it efforts in three mission areas:

  • Provide applied research and analysis services to the Washington Association for Community and Technical Colleges (WACTC) and the various commissions, councils, committees and task forces within the WACTC structure.
  • Collaborate with SBCTC to improve availability and quality of data and to support college accountability and performance efforts.
  • Support and encourage the professional development of RPC members.

Vision Statement

The RPC functions as an active and well-respected commission within the formal WACTC organizational structure. The RPC serves as a valued resource for addressing WACTC research needs, for community college performance measurement and accountability issues, and for ensuring reliable and valid data. As a result, WACTC regularly calls upon the RPC to conduct and report on research in support of key policy questions and issues. The RPC provides strong leadership related to these research and/or data-related activities.

In addition, the RPC and its members continue to work closely and collaboratively with the SBCTC on statewide data and research efforts, in an atmosphere of mutual trust, support, and respect. The RPC views the SBCTC as a key stakeholder and works to develop and improve ongoing working relationships.

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