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Safety, Security & Emergency Management Council (SSEMC)

The Safety, Security and Emergency Management Council (SSEMC) is organized under the authority of the Business Affairs Commission (BAC) of the Washington Association of Community and Technical Colleges (WACTC).

SSEMC provides structure for colleges to work together in system-wide and local issues related to campus safety, security, and emergency management. Each college president designates a council representative.

In general, the purpose of SSEMC is to:

  • Act on matters referred from BAC.
  • Provide opportunities for members and associates to meet periodically to exchange information and share best practices and resources.
  • Serve its members as a source of training, education, and professional development related to campus safety, security and emergency management.
  • Facilitate compliance with federal and state regulatory reporting and other requirements .

Members and Committees

Membership information including executive committee contacts, rosters and council liaisons.

Meeting Information

Agendas and location information.


Council documents including bylaws and council history.

College Safety and Security Toolkit

Find resources, discover best practices, and get advice from fellow safety and security professionals.

Related Councils and Groups

Join an eList

Get involved in conversations with your peers at other colleges. Mailman Mail-Lists of interest to campus security staff include:

  • SSEM (Safety, Security and Emergency Management) 

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