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Washington Association of Community and Technical Colleges

The Washington Association of Community and Technical Colleges (WACTC) is the organization of community and technical college presidents. With its commissions, it develops policy recommendations to the State Board for Community and Technical Colleges and to the system.

WACTC Leadership 2023-24

Members and Committees

Contact information for presidents, their executive assistants, committee list, and ex-officio members.

Minutes and Handouts

Meeting minutes from past meetings.


Resources including constitution, organizational chart and tips on hosting meetings.


Nanette Angel
ACT/WACTC Coordinator



WACTC meetings are for chancellors, presidents and invited guests only.

Join an eList

Get involved in conversations with your peers at other colleges. Mailman Mail-Lists of interest chancellors and presidents:

  • PRES (Presidents - WACTC)
    open list
  • PRES-C (Presidents - WACTC) 
    closed list for chancellors and presidents only

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