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Integrated Basic Education Skills and Training (I-BEST) Development and Expansion Allocation

Grant Purpose

The 2017-2020 Integrated Basic Education Skills and Training (I-BEST) Development and Expansion Allocation is intended to increase I-BEST enrollments at Washington state community and technical colleges by 120 full-time equivalent students (FTES) annually over the next three years, for a total of 360 FTES system-wide.

SBCTC will award funds annually to selected colleges for the three years of the funding cycle (FY18 through FY20).

SBCTC anticipates conducting another RFA for the next three-year funding cycle (FY21 through FY23), at which time all colleges will be invited to apply again. To be considered for funding for additional I-BEST expansion, colleges chosen for the first funding cycle must reapply at that time.

Use of Funds

I-BEST expansion funds may be used for the following:

  • Develop, implement and scale new and existing professional-technical, professional-technical expansion, and academic I-BEST programs at Washington state community and technical colleges
  • Increase access to I-BEST programming for underrepresented populations in high-demand occupations or academic transfer degree pathways
  • Team teaching training and faculty planning
  • Develop integrated/contextualized basic skills/developmental education and content areas
  • Recruitment and navigational support
  • Faculty salary
  • Activities related to research, data collection, and effective educational techniques
  • Tuition and any required student fees

Q and A for I-BEST RFA


William Durden
Policy Associate, BEdA 


Important Dates

Milestones Key Dates
Application available

July 14, 2017

Application deadline Aug. 10, 2017
Allocations begin September 1, 2017
Interim Reports Due September 15, 2018 & 2019
Final Report Due September 15, 2020

Grant Guidelines

The following documents provide detailed information about how grant funds can be used, who can apply, the application process and deadlines.

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