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MESA Expansion RFA

Grant Purpose

These funds will support MESA Student Center implementation at Washington state's community and technical colleges.  MESA stands Mathematics, Engineering, Science Achievement and has been committed to building a pathway to college and careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) since 1982.

MESA Student Centers are specifically designed to provide academic and support services to MESA students. Community and technical college faculty, staff, industry partners and students will collaborate with universities to achieve program objectives.

Funding is ongoing. Continued funding is contingent on completion of program objectives for each biennium funded.

Use of Funds

  • Programs will recruit and serve 100 students, who must be pursuing calculus-based STEM academic majors and degrees by spring quarter 2019.
  • Academic Excellence Workshops (AEWs), following the established MESA model, must be offered in tandem with at least one (1) applicable class. The required AEWs must be included in the Project Work Plan.
  • Each student will have a three-year educational plan (or alternately, the requisite time necessary to transfer) on file with the MESA program director.
  • To qualify for program participation, students must be enrolled in elementary algebra and must follow an educational plan that includes at least two sequential courses of calculus (or pre-calculus followed by calculus).
  • Students must be enrolled in the appropriate math class for each term they participate in the program.
  • A new MESA student orientation plan must be included in the Project Work Plan.
  • The MESA program director must seek and secure student internship and summer job opportunities for participating students.

Purpose of Funding

The project is implementing a comprehensive, integrated approach to increasing the number of students pursuing and completing degrees in STEM majors throughout Washington state by coordinating articulation and matriculation between the Washington MESA Community College Program and Washington’s universities.

The project requirements:

  • Strongly emphasize the inclusion of under-represented students.
  • Increase the number of Washington  community and technical colleges active in the MESA consortium.
  • Increase student retention and transfer by using the successful MESA Community College STEM transfer model.
  • Institutionalize MESA academic support model for STEM transfers at participating community and technical colleges.
  • Have available the most recent A-133 audit summary or an independent program audit of any adult education and literacy funds (if applicable).
  • Have adequate liability insurance. Insurance requirements can be found in grant fiscal guidelines.


Joe Holliday
Director of Student Services

Nanette Angel
Administrative Assistant - Student Services


Important Dates

Milestones Key Dates
Application available

July 19, 2017

Application deadline Aug. 14, 2017

Grant Guidelines

The following documents provide detailed information about how grant funds can be used, who can apply, the application process and deadlines.

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