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ctcLink Executive Leadership Committee

ctcLink Executive Leadership Committee (cELC)

The final ctcLink Executive Leadership Committee (cELC) meeting was held June 2, 2022 and the committee disbanded as the implementation phase ended with colleges deployed in ctcLink.

cELC roles, responsibilities and authority were established in the charter approved by the Washington Association for Community and Technical Colleges Technology Committee (WACTC-Tech) in November 2017.

Summary of Roles and Responsibilities

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Charter Summary

ctcLink Executive Leadership Committee Charter (Revised November 2017) 

  • Monitors and reviews project status
  • Provides project oversight
  • Establishes the metrics by which the project and status will be monitored
  • Directs the ctcLink Steering Committee to address issues related to risks associated with project success, performance, or status


  • Total Project Budget, as approved by WACTC and the State Board
  • Overall Project Schedule, within the approved budget
  • Global Scope, within the approved budget

Voting members (six total)

  • SBCTC Executive Director (co-chair)
  • WACTC-Tech Chair (co-chair)
  • Four current WACTC-Tech college presidents

Non-voting members (three total)

  • ctcLink Project Director
  • ctcLink Project Steering Committee Chair
  • SBCTC Deputy Executive Director for Information Technology

The ctcLink Executive Leadership Committee makes decisions based on recommendations from the ctcLink Steering Committee that impact the total ctcLink project budget, impact the total project schedule, or alter the global scope of the project.  Decisions by the ctcLink Executive Leadership Committee are final.

This includes, but is not limited to decisions such as:

  • Changes to the ctcLink budget(s) beyond current fiscal year, but remaining within the overall approved budget
    • Changes impacting the Innovation account must be approved by the state OFM
  • Changes to the deployment structure that will change the overall project schedule
  • Changes to the project that will affect the overall scope of the project
  • Appeals of ctcLink Steering Committee decisions regarding scope, configuration, etc.
  • Enterprise decisions which may require local college policy changes.

cELC member meetings were held during the first hour of the regular WACTC Technology Committee meeting; subject to revision.

WACTC-Tech is a committee of the Washington Association for Community and Technical Colleges which meets regularly (usually monthly) during the academic year.


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