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ctcLink Project Governance

The purpose of the ctcLink Governance Committee is to uphold the project's guiding principles and provide a consistent mechanism for policy decision-making that has the binding authority of all college presidents. 

The governing body will provide project guidance through the current Remediation phase of ctcLink, including scope definition, review of high-impact global (system-wide) change requests, and approval of risk mitigation strategies and project decisions, which includes ctcLink Decision Requests and ctcLink Change Orders. 

The Technology Committee of the Washington Association for Community and Technical Colleges (WACTC-Tech) has been authorized by WACTC as the governing body at least through the current Pilot Remediation Phase. The committee is comprised of existing WACTC-Tech committee members, a representative from each of the pilot college districts and a representative from the system-wide project managers group for the remaining (wave) colleges. Voting rights are isolated to college presidents who are members of the governance committee.


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