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ctcLink Governance Framework

ctcLink Project Governance Framework 


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The diagram shows the interactions, relationships and decision-making process among the three ctcLink Project governance bodies: ctcLink Executive Leadership Committee, Project Steering Committee and the Project Working Group.

Executive Leadership Committee

Meets monthly during WACTC-Tech meetings. Responsibilities include:

  • Overall Project Schedule
  • Total Project Budget
  • Global Scope

Project Steering Committee

Meets bi-weekly. Responsibilities include:

  • Deployment Schedule
  • FY Project Budget
  • Scope within Budget
  • Global Configurations
  • Appeals

Project Working Group

  • Meets bi-weekly (every other week).

Responsibilities include:

  • Implementation Plan
  • Configuration Management
  • Training Plan
  • OCM Plan

Relationships between the Governance Groups

  • “Escalated Issues, Appeals, Clarifications” interact back and forth between the Project Steering Committee and the Project Working Group.
  • “Escalated Issues, Unresolved Appeals, Clarifications” interact back and forth  between the ctcLink Executive Leadership Committee and the Project Steering Committee.

Change Initiation

This list includes groups from which requests for changes to the ctcLink Project might arise:

  • College Executive Sponsors
  • Commission Chairs (also representing Councils)
  • Data Governance Co-Chairs
  • SBCTC ctcLink Leads
  • Common Process Development Team
  • External Mandates

Issue & Decision Log (online)

A number of relationships between “Issue and Decision Log” demonstrate the flow of work and communication:

  • “Formal change request forms” originate from “Change Initiation” to the “Issue and Decision Log.”
  • “Issue & Decision Log” and “Change Initiation" reciprocate with “Requests for Review/Clarification.”
  • The “Issue & Decision Log” provides "Agenda" items for the Project Working Group meetings.

Committee Outputs: Minutes, Issue & Decision Log, Reports

  • Each governance group communicates its actions and decisions to “Committee Outputs: Minutes, Issue & Decision Log, Reports.”
  • Actions and decisions from “Committee Outputs: Minutes, Issue & Decision Log, Reports” are input to the “Issue & Decision Log.” 

ctcLink Project Governance

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