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ctcLink Quality Gates & Milestones

ctcLink Quality Gates & Milestones

Large projects can exceed time and budget because issues are not visible to management. By monitoring the quality of project results and steering a project through certain major milestones or “Quality Gates,” such issues can be mitigated or avoided.

Quality Gates are key milestone moments at each of the multiple phases of a project that depend on the outcome of a previous phase.

Organizational Change Management (OCM) assessment

In the new ctcLink Project methodology, OCM assessments occur at each of five milestones —  Initiation, Structure, Construct, Transition, Deploy — to assess college and SBCTC activities and deliverables to determine readiness.

Phases and gates

Preparatory work and readiness activities are required of each college and SBCTC in advance of beginning its deployment phase toward Go-Live.

Activities and deliverables are checked at each Quality Gate against predefined criteria and metrics. A college cannot proceed to the next gate until the previous gate is assessed.

Phases and gates graphic

ctcLink Quality Gates & Milestones chart

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