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Campus Solutions (CS) Process Schedule

Currently Scheduled and Running


CS Pillar

What is Running Parameters Institution Days Time Frequency Description
Advisement Report Generation   All Mon-Fri 3 a.m. Once  
Batch Matriculation   WA171
Mon-Fri  8 p.m.   Once    
Cashiering Fund Balance and Publish   All Mon - Fri 10 p.m. Once  
Ethnicity Detail Update   All Daily 8 p.m. Once  
Dynamic Date Generation As requested by college WA171 Fri 4 a.m. Once  
Higher One Student Data   All Mon - Fri 9 p.m. Once  
Incoming Transcript   All Mon - Fri 3 a.m. Once  
Mass Student Group Assignment    All  Mon - Fri  3 a.m.   Once    
Message Center Send Mail   All Mon - Fri 8:30 p.m. Once  
Nelnet Agreement File   All Mon - Fri 5 p.m. Once  
Nelnet EOD Transaction   All Mon-Fri 5:30 p.m. Once  
Nelnet ENT Bal Adjustment   All Mon - Fri 8:30 p.m. Once  
Outbound Transcript   All Mon - Fri 3 a.m. Once  
Student FTE Update Current Term   All Mon - Fri 2 a.m. Once  
Student FTE Update Next Term   All Mon - Fri 3 a.m. Once  
Student FTES Update - Fall Quarters   All Mon - Fri 4 a.m. Once  
Student GL   All Mon - Fri 10:30 p.m. Once  
Tuition Calculation - All Students


All Sun 3 a.m. Once  
Tuition Calculation - Required Students


All Mon - Fri 7 p.m. Once  

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