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Service Level Agreement (SLA): Management Elements

Management Elements

Service Tracking and Reporting

The State Board for Community and Technical Colleges (SBCTC) will publish monthly reports containing information on actual performance achieved, compared to service levels agreed on. Information will be provided on both open and closed requests. The following reports will be published:

  • First Response Time by Priority
  • Time to Resolution by Priority
  • Number of Active Tickets by Priority
  • Number of Tickets Opened/Closed
  • Number of Tickets in Particular Status
  • Number of Active Technicians by Tech Group
  • Number of Active Tickets by Tech Group
  • Top 10 Ticket Request Types

Feedback and Dispute Resolution

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Feedback can be provided by contacting the SBCTC SLA Manager, responding to the periodic surveys delivered by the production support group and/or by responding to client satisfaction surveys delivered via the ServiceDesk ticketing system.

Data based on the metrics established in this agreement will be gathered and analyzed on a regular basis. Any service level or responsibility not being met by either party will result in discussion between the SBCTC SLA Manager and applicable service provider or client representatives and identified action items leading to a resolution.

Periodic Review

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The SLA Manager representing ctcLink Production Support will facilitate a quarterly meeting via WebEx with client representatives to review service level metrics and discuss any issues related to the service levels identified in the SLA.

The SLA Manager representing ctcLink Production Support will facilitate an annual meeting via WebEx with College/Agency representation to discuss potential changes, if any, to the SLA that may be needed and develop a recommendation for those changes.

Change Process

This agreement may be amended at any time with mutual consent of both SBCTC Production Support and client representatives.

ctcLink Service Level Agreement

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