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Financial Aid System (FAS) Document Index

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Document Last Updated
FISAP Process 2020-2021 08/20/2021
FISAP Process 2019-2020 08/26/2020

Pell (COD) 

Document Last Updated
2021-2022 Pell Common Record Process 06/10/2021
2021-2022 Pell Payment Year-to-Date Reconciliation 06/10/2021
Remaining Pell Eligibility 2021-2022 06/10/2021
2020-2021 Pell Common Record Process 06/04/2020
2020-21 Pell Payment Year-to-Date Reconciliation 06/04/2020
Remaining Pell Eligibility 2021 06/04/2020

Washington College Grant (WCG) 

Document Last Updated
WCG Interim Report 2021-22 10/15/2021
WCG Update Process 2021-22 02/26/2021
WCG Real Time Reporting 2021-22 08/05/2021
WCG Interim Report 2020-21 10/07/2020
WCG Real Time Reporting 2020-21 08/04/2020
WCG Update Process 2020-21 03/02/2020

 Unit Record Report (URR)

Document Last Updated
Unit Record Report 2020-2021 09/13/2021
Unit Record Report 2019-2020 09/09/2020

 Direct Loans 

Document Last Updated
FAM Direct Loan Processing 2021-2022 06/10/2021
FAM Direct Loan Processing 2021 06/04/2020
Adding Program Data to SMS   04/16/2014
20-21 Direct Loan Configuration Webinar Recording  9/23/2020

General Training

Document Last Updated
Regent End-User Training 11/17/2008
Regent Set Up and Configuration 11/17/2008

In IT Support

DataExpress Documentation

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