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FMS Query is an MS Access front-end reporting tool that provides financial reports such as Budget Status, Expense, Payroll, Revenue, Grants and Contracts. These data are refreshed nightly with information from the HP3000. FMS Query also allows for ad hoc query writing. Below are links to setup instructions, job scheduling instructions and the vanilla version of the FMS Query MS Access database reporting tool.

FMS Query is not an official SBCTC-ITD module, and therefore is not subject to SBCTC-ITD college-based customization. However, SBCTC-ITD does maintain a vanilla version of the database and supporting DataExpress procedures that colleges may opt to customize to meet their needs.

If you have questions or need assistance setting up or using FMS Query, contact SBCTC-ITD at or call the support line at 360-704-4357.

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Setting Up FMS Query
Instructions for setting up the FMS Query tool using SQL Server for storing the data extracts. Extracts are created by scheduling the DataExpress ZX2113J job. MS Access is then used as the front end tool to access the information in a user-friendly manner.
FMS Query Job Scheduling Instructions
Instructions for using ZX2113J to schedule the DataExpress procedures that extract data to populate the FMS Query database.
FMS Query Access Database V3.0 (SID)
Version 3.0 of the FMS Query tool. This version contains the update from EMP-ID (SSN) to employee SID.
FMS Query SID Change Information
Describes the changes made to tables, queries, reports, and forms to update the FMS Query tool to remove EMP-ID and replace with SID.
DataExpress FM2006R2 Notification
Notification change for DataExpress procedure FM2006R2 (replaces FM2006R). This report extracts SID instead of EMP-ID.

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