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Financial Management System (FMS) Modules and Functions

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Document Last Updated (mm/dd/yyyy)
Overview of BM1783J – IPEDS Reporting for Financial Aid   03/07/2007
Supplementary Notes 03/23/2007

General instructions

Document Last Updated (mm/dd/yyyy)
1098-T IRS Requirement: Student's taxpayer identification number and checkbox 11/17/2017
Detailed Instructions 12/18/2020


Job scheduling documentation

Document Last Updated (mm/dd/yyyy)
IRS Tuition Statement Extract (BM1745J)  
IRS Tuition Statement 1098T Extract (BM1747J)  


DataExpress procedures

Document Last Updated (mm/dd/yyyy)
DataExpress Procedures: BM1745RE, BM1745RI, and BM1747R  


Modifying 1098T statements web page

Document Last Updated (mm/dd/yyyy)
See the "Modifying the IRS Tuition Statement Web Page" section in the Detailed Instructions. 12/18/2020


Printing 1098T statements using DataExpress and MS Access

Document Last Updated (mm/dd/yyyy)
IRS_1098T Access Database 12/18/2020
Printing a 1098T Information Statement from MS Access 12/05/2016
Document Last Updated (mm/dd/yyyy)
Nelnet Automatic Payment Solution 04/02/2014
Document Last Updated (mm/dd/yyyy)
State Auditor's Data Download 2018-2019 08/05/2019

Web credit card full installation v3.2 and partial v3.2.1 

Document Last Updated (mm/dd/yyyy)
Web Credit Card Payment Process  
Web Credit Card full installation file v3.2  
Implementing Web Credit Card 3.2.1  
Web Credit Card partial installation file v3.2.1  
Troubleshooting Tips for the Web Credit Card Payment Process  

U.S. Bank's eCheck

Document Last Updated (mm/dd/yyyy)
Implementing U.S. Bank's eCheck 12/07/2005
U.S. Bank E-Payment Service Implementation Questionnaire
Before you can implement eCheck, you must complete this questionnaire and submit it to U.S. Bank. In the fields containing ###, enter your college's information.
eCheck 1.2 InstallShield executable 08/05/2009

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