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LegacyLink Application

The LegacyLink application was made available to colleges as of June 30, 2023.

The old Legacy system will head off into the sunset on August 31, 2023, at 5 p.m. marking 42 years since the Washington Community College Computing Consortium (the W4Cs) first implemented and began supporting the Payroll/Personnel Management System (PPMS) back in 1981.   

Once the Legacy environments sunset, colleges will no longer have access to the Legacy system. 

What is LegacyLink?

LegacyLink is a read-only application developed to provide secure access to users to a limited subset of screens and batch reports needed to continue critical business.  The application includes replication of display-only access to screens and reports in:  

  • Financial Management System (FMS)  
  • Payroll/Personnel Management System (PPMS)  
  • Student Management System (SMS)  

Please note, DataExpress will no longer be available as that product relies on the HP-UX platform.

Who can use LegacyLink?

Access is limited to authorized users.

Once user credentials are established by each college’s security administrator, LegacyLink will be available directly to authorized users at the ctcLink Gateway or directly at LegacyLink.

Both access points use ctcLink Okta for a secure connection.

Future Releases

The team continuously gathers input to assess feasibility of additions and plan for future revisions to LegacyLink.

Recent additions

The following new pages were added in the Aug. 30, 2023 release at the request of the colleges and the Legacy Projects Advisory Group:

  • PS0025 – LEAVE BY MONTH SCREEN.  Displays leave records for a specified employee and leave type.
  • PS0023 –PT FACULTY YRQ HISTORY SCREEN. Displays year-quarter history information regarding employee's benefit and insurance eligibility for a part-time faculty employee.
  • GA1103 / GA1104 – General Accounting Transactions.  Displays information regarding an existing batch of transactions.  Includes display of the accounting transactions within the batch.
  • SM4016 – STUDENT PREVIOUS NAME. Displays the previous name log for a student.
  • SM5008 – VETERAN BENEFIT CODES. Displays codes that identify the type of veteran benefits received by students.
  • SM5009 – STUDENT TYPE CODES. Displays codes that identify student classifications.
  • SM5010 – STUDENT INTENT CODES. Displays system-wide codes that identify the educational purposes of students.
  • SM5011 – RESIDENCY STATUS CODES. Displays system-defined codes that identify student residency classifications.
  • SM5013 – HIGH SCHOOL CODES. Displays system-defined high school codes.
  • SM5014 – COLLEGE CODES. Displays the system-defined codes that identify colleges in and around the state of Washington.
  • SM5020 – COLLEGE QUARTER INFORMATION. Displays dates associated with a specific year-quarter.
  • SM5022 – CITIZENSHIP STATUS. Display system-defined citizenship status or specific visa of students.

LegacyLink Application Support & Resources

Quick Reference Guides

  • LegacyLink quick reference guides (QRGs) and manuals are available in the ctcLink Reference Center under Legacy Access. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Service Desk Ticketing

How to submit a ticket

Submit a Service Desk ticket if you have questions or issues with either Legacy product. See How to Submit a Service Ticket for detailed instructions.

  • Two new Request Type values were added to the SolarWinds ticketing system to help assign tickets to the correct support resource: 
    • ctcLink Support > LegacyLink
    • ctcLink Support > Campus Solutions > CS: Legacy Transcript 

Be sure to provide any applicable details in your ticket, such as:

  • Student Name and SID
  • Screen name
  • Detailed description of the error or calculation issue
  • Screenshots showing discrepancy
  • Steps to recreate the issue

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