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Student Management System (SMS) Documentation Index

Overview and FAQs

Document Last Updated (mm/dd/yyyy)
SMS Tips and Tricks 11/19/2018
SMS Executive Technical Overview - Presentation to Information Technology Commission, Becky Phillips, Nov. 14, 2002 06/01/2010
Fee Calculation Overview for SMS Users 06/12/2010
Fee Calculation: Just the Facts -   Presentation for BAR 101 meeting, Linda Stokes and Becky Phillips, April 21, 2006 04/20/2006
SMS General FAQs  
Course Management FAQs  
Registration FAQs  


Job Scheduling, Sort Codes, and Extracts

Document Last Updated (mm/dd/yyyy)
Job Scheduling Instructions  
SMS Sort Codes  
Using the SMS Extracts - Student Extract (SM5204J), Enrollment Extract (SM5209J), and others  


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