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ctcLink Customer Support - Meet the Security Team

Meet the ctcLink Security Team

ctcLink Security — part of the Washington State Community and Technical Colleges (SBCTC) Information Technology division Application Services team — maintains security standards for systemwide ctcLink PeopleSoft pillars and supports the local security administrators (LSAs).

Shelia Sloan

Shelia Sloan, Associate Director Application Security

Shelia retired from the University System of Georgia with 27 years of higher education experience. She has extensive experience in many modules within the Finance Pillar and has supported Workflow and Security in PeopleSoft Finance and HCM Pillars since 2005. After working part-time at SBCTC for several years, she returned full-time in November 2021 and has the amazing opportunity to lead the SBCTC Security Team and work to ensure we provide outstanding customer service.  In her spare time, Shelia loves to spend time with her amazing grandkids!  She also fosters dogs through a local animal shelter. 


Lisa Garcia

Lisa Garcia, PeopleSoft Security Analyst, Campus Solutions

Lisa joined SBCTC in March 2022 after retiring from the University of Connecticut with more than 15 years of higher education experience. Lisa's career began as a PeopleSoft developer working on Campus Solutions modules and then as the team lead for the technical and security teams. Her passion has always been working with PeopleSoft Security.  She is super excited to now be part of the SBCTC security team and doing what she loves. Outside of work, she enjoys taking her dog Hank for rides on her golf cart and walks on Myrtle Beach in South Carolina. 

Jay Parker, PeopleSoft Security Analyst, Campus Solutions

Jay joined SBCTC in 2015, prior to the initial ctcLink PeopleSoft implementation. He is a two-service veteran with broad experience in many facets of IT.

Laurel Anderson

Laurel Anderson, PeopleSoft Security Analyst, Finance

Laurel joined SBCTC in July of 2020 as a ctcLink Finance Functional Analyst and has since moved to the Security team, primarily supporting the Finance pillar. She has held various positions in Finance, most recently at Educational Service District (ESD) 113 as a Senior Systems Analyst/Trainer supporting K-12 school districts. Her goal is to make a positive impact by continually working to improve the ctcLink user experience, research and troubleshoot security issues efficiently, prepare for and test image upgrades and releases, and work with and support local security administrators. She is always happy to hear from the college LSAs!

Bill Ramirez

Bill Ramirez, PeopleSoft Security Analyst, Documentation & Training 

Fittingly, Bill joined the ctcLink Security Team on April Fool's Day 2022 after having worked for the ctcLink Project Team for the preceding four years. His focus is on ctcLink Security training materials and documentation. Bill likes to work. Bill likes to read. Bill likes to make others laugh.




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