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Local Security Administrators (LSA)

Local Security Administrators (LSA)

Each college's Local Security Administrator (LSA) or ctcLink Security Lead is the primary point-of-contact for SBCTC’s Security team.

LSA Responsibilities

This role was necessary early in the deployment schedule, throughout the duration of the implementation, and post Go-Live.

  • Complete user security requests by assigning users to predefined roles once approved by the college-defined authority, including onboarding, offboarding and position changes
  • Provide oversight and documentation for audits
  • Troubleshoot security issues that arise and support user questions
  • Reset security answers for students and staff, unless there is designated staff in the HelpDesk for this task
  • Serve a critical functional role in system updates, bundle, and PeopleTools updates
  • The Security Lead will be involved with user acceptance testing (UAT) and will receive training from SBCTC during those processes.
  • This role is necessary to handle access changes for staff and to help with auditing PeopleSoft Security.

Organizational placement recommendation

  • Recommended to be in the IT or IT security department due to familiarity with permissions and security controls. It is also beneficial to have a neutral party when dealing with PeopleSoft audits.

Skills needed and/or developed 

  • Understanding of PeopleSoft security principles (page- and data-level permissions)
  • Familiarity with User Profiles, Roles, and Permission Lists
  • Exposure to security controls, information technology, and compliance
  • Outstanding communication skills with the ability to communicate ERP security-related concepts to both a highly technical audience and to business-oriented audience
  • Intermediate experience level with MS-Excel
  • Functional staff and college-designated security approvers will need an understanding of PeopleSoft security

Training & Skills

Required Training

  • ctcLink SBCTC training courses

Recommended Training/Skills

  • Core Microsoft, Excel, SQL
  • Analytical and research skills courses
  • Courses on best practice auditing procedures

Optional Training

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