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ctcLink Accounting Manual | 40.40.35 Adding Assets in AM

40.40.35 Adding Assets in AM

PeopleSoft offers five methods of adding to ctcLink. Colleges are encouraged to use the Express Add method since other methods have led to critical errors in adding assets.

No. Method Description
1 Express Add (Strongly Recommended) Assets are added using an asset profile for default book and depreciation information. When assets are capitalized, most of the critical information is derived from the asset profile by default, and detailed physical information can be entered later.
2 Basic Add (Strongly Discouraged) May be used when the physical information is readily available. Completion requires knowledge of required values among more than 100 fields of data. Colleges may use “Find an Existing Value” to add additional information after completion of the Express Add form.
3 Define Asset Operational Info Used to add nonfinancial assets. ctcLink has not been configured to use this method.
4 Excel to CI Used to add assets by uploading asset information from PeopleSoft's integrated Excel spreadsheet component interface. This process enables you to add multiple assets to generate PeopleSoft-formatted data from a predefined Excel asset template.
5 Purchasing, Payables or Project Costing Import ctcLink staff recommends colleges not use the import process until it has been fully configured and tested.

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