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ctcLink Accounting Manual | Capital Asset Classes Capital Asset Classes

Capital assets are further broken down into classes (sometimes called commodity codes, Useful Life Schedules, etc.). Asset classes are much more specific than Asset Categories, providing more defined descriptions of assets as well as the useful lives of each asset.

ctcLink currently has more than 500 asset classes. For example, building classes:

Asset classes

Table of building classes listed in above image:

SetID Asset Class Description
WACTC 0500 Buildings Non-depreciable
WACTC 0505 Buildings/Components 5 Yr
WACTC 0510 Buildings/Components 10 Yrs
WACTC 0515 Buildings/Components 15-20 Yrs
WACTC 0520 Buildings/Components 20 Yrs
WACTC 0524 Buildings/Components 24 Yrs
WACTC 0525 Buildings/Components 25 Yrs
WACTC 0527 Buildings/Components 27 Yrs
WACTC 0530 Buildings/Components 30 Yrs
WACTC 0535 Buildings/Components 35 Yrs
WACTC 0540 Buildings/Components 40 Yrs
WACTC 0545 Buildings/Components 45 Yrs
WACTC 0550 Buildings/Components 50 Yrs

With appropriate permissions to the AM Asset Class list users can review the entire list by navigating to Navigator > Set Up Financials/Supply Chain > Product Related > Asset Management > Financials > Asset Classes.

To view a current list of asset categories run the CTC_AM_ASSET_CLASS query in FSCM. Capitalization Thresholds <<  >> Capital Asset Profiles

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