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ctcLink Accounting Manual | 40.40.34 Capital Asset Profiles

40.40.34 Capital Asset Profiles

Each capital asset class also has an asset profile which the system uses for tracking and depreciating assets. Most information established by asset categories, classes, type, subtype, etc. is used on these screens:


Capital asset profiles


Depreciation asset profiles


Since colleges are not subject to taxes this information is not required to be completed other than system functionality.

tax asset profiles

Child Asset Inheritance

When a child asset is added, this screen determines the values assigned to the child asset from the parent.

Child asset profiles

With appropriate permissions to the AM Asset Profiles, users can review the entire list by navigating to Navigator > Set Up Financials/Supply Chain > Product Related > Asset Management > Profiles > Asset Profiles.

To view a current list of asset categories, run the CTC_AM_ASSET_PROFILES query in FSCM.

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