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ctcLink Accounting Manual | 40.20.50 Inter-Agency Payroll Payments

40.20.50 Inter-Agency Payroll Payments

Payments to a state agency for payroll costs are treated like an external organization.

Liabilities and receivables with state agencies for payroll expenses never use an account that requires a value in the subsidiary field. 

Liabilities accounts for payroll costs paid to state agencies are in the following ranges:

Account Range Description

2011080 – 2011115

PERS retirement plans (paid to DRS)

2011155 – 2011190

TRS retirement plans (paid to DRS)

2011195 – 2011210

Deferred Compensation and Other  retirement plans (paid to DRS)

2011215 – 2011340

Healthcare related charges (paid to HCA)

2011345 – 2011390

Health savings type payments (some paid to HCA, some to other organizations)

2011395 – 2011520

Other insurance related deductions/contributions paid to LNI, ESD or HCA

2011605 – 2011620

Other employee optional deductions paid to CFD, WSAC, etc.


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