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Applied Bachelor Program Approval Process

BAS Degree Approval

1. Idea Stage

Prior to submission of a new applied baccalaureate (BAS) degree program or an existing degree program for a new location or new modality, please notify SBCTC. In the notification, include program title, implementation date, and a 1-2-page overview. The information will be posted to the Interinstitutional Committee for Academic Program Planning (ICAAP) grid for notification to both two-year community and technical colleges and four-year institutions.

Notification Models

2. Degree Proposal Stage

In the Degree Proposal Stage, colleges will prepare and submit a Statement of Need to SBCTC. Upon receipt of the Statement of Need, SBCTC will:

  • Schedule a discussion between the State Board and college administration
  • Provide notice to both two-year community and technical colleges and four-year institutions of the Statement of Need

System colleges and universities have 30 calendar days to express concern or to ask questions about the Statement of Need.

Colleges must submit the Program Proposal within 12 months of SBCTC receiving the Statement of Need. If the Program Proposal is not received within 12 months, the Statement of Need is void.

Statement of Need Models

After a college submits a program proposal, SBCTC staff has 90 working days to complete the paperwork and recommendation to the Board.

Note: These time frames may be modified based upon negotiated agreements between SBCTC and the college as needed to secure a fair and deliberate process to approve degree programs.

Proposal Models

3. Waiting for External Approval

When a college has presented a BAS proposal, the institution must await final approval by the SBCTC Board prior to program implementation. The college will work in conjunction with the Director of Transfer Education to answer any questions related to this process.

BAS Policies

Tuition and enrollment reporting


Jamilyn Penn
Director, Transfer Education


Applied Bachelors in Development

Colleges continue to develop applied baccalaureate programs to help meet community demand. See which BAS programs are still under development.  

Current Applied Bachelor Degree Programs

Applied baccalaureate degrees currently offered at Washington state community and technical colleges. 

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