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Assessment, Teaching and Learning (ATL) Conference Call for Proposals

A Secret Hidden in Plain Sight: The Critical Role Relational Trust Plays in a Guided Pathways Redesign

The Washington State Board for Community and Technical Colleges (SBCTC) office of Assessment, Teaching, and Learning (ATL) invites you to submit a proposal for the 2019 Assessment, Teaching and Learning Conference.


Jennifer Whetham
Program Administrator, Faculty Development

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We welcome proposals from a broad and diverse range of educators, including higher education faculty from all disciplines and methods of instruction, higher education academic and student services administrators, teaching/learning center directors and other staff who create professional learning experiences and environments, institutional researchers, eLearning directors and instructional designers, equity and diversity officers.

We encourage educators to co-present with current and/or former students, so that students might provide their perspectives on learning.

The 2019 ATL Conference strands are:

  • Equity and Inclusive Excellence
  • Pathways: Design, Models, Approaches
  • Faculty Leadership for Student Learning
  • Frameworks for Improving Learning
  • Assessment of Learning Outcomes
Date Action
January 25, 2019 Submission deadline for proposals
Early March 2019 Notification of proposal status
April 3, 2019 Deadline for hotel lodging reservations
April 12, 2019 Conference registration due (to avoid a late fee)
April 19, 2019 Conference registration fees due to SBCTC
May 1-3, 2019 ATL conference

Submit your ATL conference proposal on the proposal form as a Word document via email to Jackie Eppler-Clark.

Deadline is January 25, 2019.

To present at the 2019 ATL conference, you must:

  • Register and pay the conference fee
  • Arrange and pay for travel and lodging
  • Agree to present on the day and time you are assigned
  • Provide clear and readable handouts (including print-outs of presentation slides)
  • Upload accessible electronic versions of handouts and presentation materials (i.e. PowerPoint presentations) to a Canvas shell on or before April 22, 2019, for inclusion in the Canvas shell for the conference participants.

Cost prohibits us from providing computers or projection devices; therefore, we do not provide them. If your presentation involves PowerPoint or other presentation software, you must provide your own computer and projector. A screen will be provided.

  • Always aim to do several things at once — for example, a session that includes a handout on growth mindset might use strategies from Reading Apprenticeship. Ground your presentation in theory, research, data, and/or established best practices.
  • Market your session with a creative (yet accurate) title and a succinct, practitioner-focused description.
  • Refer to Accessible Presentations Guidelines for some tips on preparing for and giving your presentation. Check out SBCTC's Accessibility 101 lessons and guides for more details on creating accessible documents and PowerPoints.
  • We encourage you to openly license your presentation materials, preferably with a Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY) license 4.0 or higher.Check outOpen Washington: Learn OER for more details on Creative Commons license.
  • Bring 50 handouts and business cards.
  • Ensure that you send accessible, electronic versions of your presentation materials for inclusion in the Canvas shell.

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