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Assessment, Teaching & Learning Award - Past Recipients

The Assessment, Teaching & Learning (ATL) award is presented each year during the Assessment, Teaching and Learning Conference.

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  • Hiedi Bauer, Lower Columbia College
  • Linda Lane, Walla Walla Community College
  • Anne Brackett and Kristine Washburn, Everett Community College
  • Allison Sieving, Pierce College
  • Kaatje Kraft, Whatcom Community College
  • Bryce Battisti, Bates Technical College
  • Dave Dorratcague, Cascadia College
  • Josh Searle, Everett Community College
  • Mary Ann Keith, Bates Technical College
  • Krissy Kim, Pierce College Fort Steilacoom
  • Sarah Martin, Spokane Falls Community College
  • Megan Luce, Cascadia College
  • Teresa Thonney, Columbia Basin College
  • Gail Peet, Peninsula College
  • Robin Jeffers, Bellevue College - Lifetime Achievement Award
  • Peg Balachowski, Everett Community College
  • Jo Nelson, Lake Washington Institute of Technology
  • Sharon Camner, Pierce College
  • Kathy Murphy and Beth O'Donnell, Edmonds College
  • Jean Logan, South Puget Sound Community College
  • Roger Bourret, South Seattle College
  • Lori Loseth, Walla Walla Community College
  • Lolly Smith, Everett Community College
  • Michele Lesmeister, Renton Technical College
  • Erica Dixon, South Puget Sound Community College
  • Tresha Dutton, Whatcom Community College
  • Sue Frantz, Highline College
  • Bruce McKenna, Seattle Central College
  • Heather Keast, Spokane Falls Community College
  • Paul Marshall, Everett Community College
  • Michaelann Allen, North Seattle College
  • Carol Anelli, Washington State University
  • Catherine Crain, Cascadia College
  • Karla Sylwester, Clark College
  • Sally Gove, Clover Park Technical College
  • Dongwa Hu, Everett Community College
  • Becky Sproat, Tacoma Community College
  • Adrienne Lugg, Cascadia College
  • Tori Saneda, Cascadia College
  • Gene Taylor, Cascadia College
  • Gail Liberman, Clark College
  • Phil Venditti, Clover Park Technical College
  • Julie Moore, Green River College
  • Melissa Grinley, North Seattle College
  • Rebecca Martin, Clark College
  • Gwen James, Columbia Basin College
  • Shiloh Winsor, Grays Harbor College
  • George Dennis, Lower Columbia College
  • Tom Drummond, North Seattle College
  • Marilyn Chu, Skagit Valley College
  • Lynn Dunlap, Skagit Valley College
  • Claus Svendsen, Skagit Valley College
  • Mike Witmer, Skagit Valley College
  • Dennis Olson, Spokane Community College
  • Gary Brown, Washington State University
  • Stephen Berard, Wenatchee Valley College


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