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New Faculty Institute

2019 New Faculty Institute

The New Faculty Institute is a two-day immersion into the foundational knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary for faculty who wish to grow as leaders for student learning.

When and where

Aug. 28-29, 2019 at Highline College in Des Moines, Wash.

Who should attend?

Faculty members who are:

  • Committed to excellence in teaching and learning
  • Expanding their leadership capacity by taking on a new role
  • Eager to be successful in the classroom and in their institution

Day one

Gain core abilities to foster success in your role as a faculty member, with a special emphasis on core abilities to help you thrive — and not just survive —  in your organization.

Day two

Learn to collaboratively identify small — but high-impact  refinements you can make to your current teaching practices to create equitable learning environments.


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In this context, “new” is a very flexible term! You might be new if you are:

  • New to teaching: You have been hired for an adjunct, full-time, or tenure-track position based on your expertise in your discipline, your profession, or your  industry experience.
  • New to your faculty role: You have documented success teaching, and you are making the move from an adjunct faculty position to a full-time or tenure-track position.
  • New to your college: You have documented success teaching at one or more colleges in Washington State, and you will be taking on an adjunct, full-time, or tenure-track position at a new college;
  • New to the Washington state community and technical college system: You have documented success teaching at colleges outside of Washington State, and you will be taking on an adjunct, full-time, or tenure-track position in our system of 34 community and technical colleges.
  • New to an instructional leadership role: You are taking on a leadership role while still remaining a faculty member (department or committee chair, an assessment or faculty development lead, etc.)

Each hands-on, experiential session showcases resources and tools you can use right away to prepare for success in your new role.

The New Faculty Institute is a valuable opportunity to experience what it means to be part of our community and technical college system. You’ll have the chance to share your expertise and learn from other faculty from our 34 community and technical colleges.

Lunches provide strategic opportunities for networking. On the first day, you’ll sit with colleagues from your discipline from around the state. On the second day, you’ll join colleagues from your college and your administrators.

Sessions on the first day explore what it means to be successful in your role as a faculty leader for student learning. Specific topics include how to:

  • defeat imposter syndrome by intentionally developing your professional identity
  • avoid petty conflict through leveraging constructive controversy
  • choose the right mentors who will help you grow;
  • identify key leadership competencies you already possess ... and those which you wish to develop over the span of your career
  • experience the “big picture” of the tenure process and receive expert coaching from union leaders who facilitate the tenure process on their campuses

As attendees at the New Faculty Institute typically have between 5 to 25 years of experience teaching, sessions on Day 2 will revolve around collaborative sharing of expertise.

  • With your peers from around the state, you’ll work through a process to identify
  • What you are already doing well
  • Where you might make small refinements to your current teaching and assessment practices;
  • How you might make these small, simple modifications to create equitable learning environments
  • Why shared practices are powerful for students and practitioners

The agenda will be ready for review in mid-June. We carefully select presenters using these criteria:

  • Dynamic and responsive large-group facilitation skills
  • Experience teaching at one or more of our 34 colleges
  • A commitment to faculty development as integral to organizational health, expertise and research experience in higher education leadership practices
  • Represent a range of instructional leadership roles (faculty member, dean, college president)

A long-standing tradition of the New Faculty Institute is enjoying lunch on the second day with your administrators. College presidents, vice-presidents, and deans are invited to join us for this special celebration. Faculty attendees cite one of the most significant highlights of the Institute is this celebratory time with their leadership team.

This year's Lunch with Administrators will be Thursday, August 29, at noon in Building 8, the Student Union Building, in the lobby area.

Administrator registration and information.

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