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Equity in Athletics Disclosure Act

Annual Athletics Data Reporting

Each year colleges must provide athletics data to the U.S. Department of Education as required by the Equity in Athletics Disclosure Act. Each college president is sent information annually to gain access to the site with the reporting deadline date. The report includes participation numbers, scholarships, program budgets and expenditures, and coaching salaries by gender.

The data reported provides prospective student-athletes information to help them make decisions about their potential or continued enrollment in a postsecondary institution. Prospective and current students, and the public, use the information to assess an institution’s commitment to and progress toward gender equity in its intercollegiate athletic program.

EADA Reporting

Annual mandatory survey to help inform prospective students of a college's commitment to providing equitable athletic opportunities.

Equity in Athletics Data Analysis

U.S. Department of Education tool to provide rapid customized reports related to athletics equity data.

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