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BEdA Handbook
BEdA Funding

Federal Funding

BEdA and IEL/Civics Master Grants: These funds are allocated by Office of Career, Technical, and Adult Education (OCTAE), formerly known as the Office of Vocation and Adult Education (OVAE), and can only be used for approved basic skills activities. With the BEdA grant, providers can offer an array of activities listed under programs. The IEL/Civics funding must be used to infuse civics activities into all ELA (ESL) classroom activities. Providers who offer both BEdA and ELA (ESL) services are eligible for both funding sources. Providers who offer only BEdA services are not eligible for IEL/Civics funds.

State Funding

College BEdA Funding

  • Student Achievement: $5.2 million is awarded to colleges on a share basis in three funding pots: 45 percent for total points less completions, 45 percent for Points per Student, and 10 percent for completions.
  • State Basic Skills Enhancement (tuition backfill): Earmarked funds that must be used on basic skills. Based on total enrollment for the last four quarters ($3.5 million)

Community-Based Organization (CBO) Funding

  • BEdA CBO Enrollment Grant: These funds must be used for basic skills activities. Allocated based on the total enrollment for the last four quarters.
  • State Basic Skills CBO Enhancement Grant: Earmarked funds that must be used for basic skills services. Based on the total enrollments for the last four quarters.
  • CBO Student Achievement Grant: CBO Student Achievement is not taken from college-based money. It is transferred from CBO Enrollment funds.

BEdA Tuition

Tuition to be charged for BEdA classes is $25 per quarter. The revenue generated by the basic skills charge is to be used in support of the basic skills programs.

Program Income

Program income must be tracked and reported to SBCTC. There are different rules depending on how the program income is generated. For more information view the fiscal guidelines and grant terms in OBIS.

Corrections Education Funding

Funding for BEdA programs in Washington state adult prisons is provided through an interagency agreement with the Department of Corrections. Local colleges are subcontracted to provide services as described in the agreement. These students are not charged tuition and programs do not receive Student Achievement Initiative incentives.

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