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BEdA Handbook
Guided Pathway Foundation: Integrating Developmental Education and Basic Skills Summit

GP - Integrating Developmental Education & Basic Skills Summit

Seattle Airport Marriott - in the Washington Ballroom
3201 S. 176th Street
Seattle, WA 98188 


  • Engage key stakeholders in policy and practice discussions regarding integration of BEdA & Developmental Education within the Guided Pathways Framework
  • Facilitate peer college early learnings related to Integration of BEdA & DevEd:
    • Why is this important to consider?
      • Statewide equity gaps/ transition rates of basic skills students.
    • How have colleges moved in this direction?
    • What barriers exist to achieving integration (structural, organizational change, etc.)?
    • Who benefits?
  • Generate resources with College teams related to Guided Pathways framework.


Christy Lowder (

Meeting Materials, as of 2/28/19

Additional Meeting Materials 3/5/19

Additional Meeting Materials 3/6/19

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