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BEdA Handbook
BEdA Reporting and Compliance

Adult Basic Education providers agree to comply with state, federal and local requirements when applying for and accepting program funds. Grant applications, performance reports, financial reports and periodic certifications are just a few ways awardees show they manage expenses and follow the terms of grants (or subgrants).


Scott Toscano
BEdA Program Administrator



Federal reporting and compliance requirements for: BEdA Maintenance of Effort (MOE), Federal Performance Targets, Fiscal Audit, Match, National Reporting System (NRS), Program Monitoring, Supplanting, Time and Effort, Workforce Investment Act, and Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA)


Washington state reporting and compliance requirements for: Assessment Policy, CASAS, Progression, Student Achievement Initiative (SAI), High School Credit Option and WABERS+


Local reporting and compliance requirements for: 1098-T Reporting , Clustering Separate Courses in a Single Classroom, Records Retention, Student CASAS Testing, Student Contact/Attendance Hours, Student Identification Number (SID), Student Intake Forms, Student Records, Social Security Number,  Career and Training Services, Tuition and Written Processes and Procedures

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