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Integrated English and Literacy Civics Education

English Language and Civics, Combined

Integrated English Literacy and Civics Education programs are designed for adult English language learners, including professionals with degrees and credentials in their native countries.

Adults become competent in the English language and learn basic and more advanced skills to function effectively as parents, workers, and citizens in the United States.

Programs include instruction on literacy, English language, and on the rights and responsibilities of citizenship and civic participation. Workforce training may also be included.  

Team-Teaching Approach to be Used in 2016

Beginning July 1, 2016 Integrated English and Literacy Civics Education courses must be provided through a team-teaching model called I-BEST.

With this approach, one instructor teaches English and Literacy Civics Education while another teaches either workforce skills or an academic subject, both in the same class. The goal is to make sure students in the English and Literacy Civics Education courses move forward either into careers or college.


Will Durden
I-BEST Policy Associate


English Language Civics Grants

Find information about applying for an English Language Civics grant.

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