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Common Course Numbering

Common course numbering (CCN) makes it easier for students to transfer courses between community and technical colleges in Washington state. About a quarter of all community and technical college students graduate from a two-year college with credits transferred in from another college. Common course numbering eases that process, because equivalent courses are labeled the same across all colleges.

Common Course Numbering Expands to Professional-Technical Courses

At the request of the Instruction Commission, the Workforce Education Council (WEC) created a process to help colleges develop and approve common course numbers for professional-technical courses. The professional-technical common course number (PTCCN) system was launched in fall 2016. 

What's the difference?

  • With a couple of exceptions, the CCN initiative identified and aligned the most frequently offered academic — or college/university transferrable — courses.
  • PTCCN focuses on vocational and career skills courses with common outcomes. 

Academic Common Course Numbering

The original CCN was implemented in 2006 and included mostly academic transfer, with a limited set of professional-technical courses.

Common Course Numbering (CCN) classes are designated with the ampersand (&) symbol and a common 3-digit number and include:

  • Academic transfer courses, as defined by the Intercollege Relations Council (ICRC) agreement
  • Professional-technical aerospace/aviation maintenance and early childhood education courses

Professional-Technical Common Course Numbering

The Professional-Technical Common Course Number (PTCCN) system was introduced in fall 2016 and resource pages are under development.

PTCCN courses are designated by the first 4 letters of the department/division, the capital letter "C" and the 3-digit course number (e.g. AUTOC 135).

PTCCN courses will be available in a searchable and sortable PTCCN Matrix spreadsheet. At this time, PTCCN courses are not part of the CCN online database. This may change as the program evolves. 


Joyce Hammer
CCN, Director of Transfer Education

Kathy Goebel
PTCCN, Workforce Education Policy Associate

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