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How to Add or Adopt an Approved P/TCC

Process to Add or Adopt an Already-Approved  Professional-Technical Common Course(P/TCC)

Colleges may add one or more P/TCCs at any point.

  1. Review existing P/TCCs on the P/TCC Matrix.
  2. College contacts the WEC Chair expressing intent to adopt an existing P/TCC. The WEC Chair will refer the college to the P/TCC Subcommittee.
    This is an informational — not an approval — step. No approval action is required for a college to adopt a P/TCC.
  3. College seeks approval to adopt or add the course(s) through its established process. The common elements that constitute the P/TCC may not be changed.
  4. The college will provide a Program Approval Request (PAR) when appropriate.
  5. The college will inform the WEC Subcommittee of the course adoption.
  6. The WEC Chair will notify the State Board for Community and Technical Colleges (SBCTC) of the new college's adoption of the P/TCC and it will be added to the matrix.
  7. When the PAR is required and has been approved, SBCTC staff will update the P/TCC Matrix.
  8. The college will add approved P/TCC(s) to its college course catalogs.


NOTE: Approval or adoption of individual courses does not change the PAR process.

Professional-Technical Common Course Matrix

P/TCCs are designated by the first 4 letters of the department/division, the ampersand symbol "&" and the 3-digit course number (e.g. AUTO& 135).

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