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How to Create a New PTCCN Course

Initial Adoption of New Professional-Technical Common Course Numbering (PTCCN)

Two or more colleges that want to create one or more new Professional-Technical Common Course Numbering (PTCCN) courses may do so at any point.

How to create a new PTCCN

  1. The colleges convene to develop or modify a common curriculum. 
  2. The group identifies a lead college to represent the consortia of colleges participating in the  PTCCN course development
  3. The lead college solicits additional college participation  by announcing the intent to create a PTCCN course on the Workforce Education Council (VTC) eList.
  4. The colleges will review existing PTCCN courses on the PTCCN Matrix. Colleges will agree on a unique program designation and course title to avoid identical courses on the list. 
  5. Colleges jointly agree to the PTCCN title, description, credit, outcomes, proposed department designation and number. This constitutes the PTCCN. Colleges may also agree on common curricular elements, texts, assessments, equipment and / or other aspects of the course, but those factors are not necessary requirements to PTCCN course approval.
  6. The lead college will document the contact list of all colleges represented in the joint submission. 
  7. Each college seeks individual approval through its established college process. The common elements that constitute the PTCCN may not be changed. (PTCCN title, description, credit, outcomes, proposed department designation and number)
  8. The lead college will seek provisional approval from the WEC PTCCN Standing Committee. The Standing Committee will validate that the process was followed, required protocols were properly applied, and confirm that potential college partners were solicited as addressed above. The Standing Committee with communicate its decision within two weeks of submittal. The decision will be communicated to the contact at the lead college and the lead college will communicate with the other partner colleges. 
  9. The WEC Chair will bring all PTCCN courses provisionally approved by the PTCCN Standing Committee to the Instruction Commission (IC) on a quarterly basis. PTCCN courses will be  considered for final approval in accordance with IC timelines. IC will communicate the approval of PTCCN courses to the WEC Chair.
  10. WEC Chair will assure prompt communication with the participating colleges following IC approval. The WEC chair will also notify the State Board for Community and Technical Colleges (SBCTC) of additions and revisions to the PTCCN Matrix.
  11. SBCTC staff will update the PTCCN Matrix.
  12. Participating colleges will add approved PTCCN common course(s) to their college course catalogs.

NOTE: When courses and programs are being developed simultaneously, colleges are encouraged to use one Program Approval Request (PAR) form with required signatures from all participating colleges. The PAR should be submitted after PTCCN courses are approved by the Instruction Commission and annotated on the PTCCN Matrix.

Professional-Technical Common Course Numbering Course Matrix

PTCCN courses are designated by the first 4 letters of the department/division, the capital letter "C" and the 3-digit course number (e.g. AUTOC 135).

  • Searchable PTCCN course matrix will be available soon

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