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How to Revise or Deactivate a PTCCN Course

If a college offering a PTCCN course wants to modify any aspects that constitute a PTCCN, he college must either:

  • Inform the WEC chair who will contact SBCTC and drop the PTCCN designation, or 
  • Convene the other adopting colleges to initiate a uniform change process for all.

If a change process is convened, colleges will follow steps outlined in the Process for Initial Adoption or Change. When considering changes to a PTCCN course, any colleges offering the course must be invited to participate in discussions about proposed changes. 

Revision Process

  1. The college requesting the change will take the lead role and follow steps outlined in Process for Initial Adoption or Change.
  2. Any college that has adopted the PTCCN course under consideration for change will be invited to participate in the change discussion.
  3. Consensus:
  • If consensus cannot be reached, the lead college will contact the WEC Chair to facilitate and resolve concerns before any change may be submitted to the Instruction Commission for approval.
  • If a technology modification or change (for example, new software or equipment) not common to all participating colleges hinders resolution:
    • The historic PTCCN number will be retained by colleges that cannot accommodate the technology modification.
    • Colleges that can accommodate the technology modification are required to develop a unique department/division prefix and/or number and title.
  • If the consortium agrees to a change and a member college does not agree with, the disputing college must drop the PTCCN title.

Deactivation Process

To drop a PTCCN course from its inventory, the college:

  • Submits a request to the SBCTC PTCCN contact person to remove the college from the list of colleges offering the PTCCN course
  • Revises its course catalog to reflect the change.

Professional-Technical Common Course Numbering Course Matrix

PTCCN courses are designated by the first 4 letters of the department/division, the capital letter "C" and the 3-digit course number (e.g. AUTOC 135).

  • Searchable PTCCN course matrix will be available soon

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