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Accessibility Skills: PDF 1

Accessibility Badge: PDFDescription

This badge is awarded to participants who have successfully completed the micro-course PDF I. This course is a beginner level course in the Accessibility Skills series and is a prerequisite for PDF II. This course addresses converting scanned documents to real, searchable text, checking and modifying heading tags, checking images for alt text, and adding alt text if necessary.

This micro-course takes approximately 3 hours to complete.


Successful completion of this micro-course requires earning 80% or higher on a quiz that covers the core concepts. The quiz requires participants to demonstrate the following:

  • Convert a scanned document to real, searchable text.
  • Identify the appropriate use and application of headings.
  • Determine if alt text is included for an image and if it is appropriate, and add it if it is needed.
  • Use the Adobe Acrobat Accessibility Wizard or Accessibility Report and manual checks to identify accessibility errors in a document.

Note: Completion of this micro-course does not guarantee that a person can create a fully accessible PDF.


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