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Shared Course Web Grading

SBCTC Educational Technology uses the same administrative software as your college to collect and distribute student grades in shared courses. Use the student roster in your instructor MyWAOL account to submit grades at the end of the quarter.  

  • Grades must be submitted by the deadline (Monday after the last day of instruction) for students to remain eligible for financial aid in the upcoming quarter.
  • After grades are entered in the shared course roster they are sent to the college where the student enrolled. 
  • Grades are sent to the college where the student enrolled (home college or institution)_ after they are entered in the shared course roster.
  • Use the Shared Course Grade Palette (see below) to submit grades. Grades may be entered up until the due date, after which the roster is turned off.
  • Some colleges in our system use letter grades and others use decimal grades, so the Shared Course grading palette ensures the grades you assign to your students translate as you intended.

If you miss the deadline, or need to make a grade change, please contact Brook Bane or Monique Belair.


Brook Bane
Office Manager

Monique Belair
Program Specialist

Web Grading Details

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Shared course instructors must submit grades using only the following:

  • A+/ 4.0
  • A /4.0
  • A- /3.7
  • B+ /3.3
  • B /3.0
  • B-/ 2.7
  • C+ /2.3
  • C /2.0
  • C- /1.7
  • D+ /1.3
  • D /1.0
  • D- /0.7
  • F /0.0
  • Only the exact decimals above may be used to help letter-grade schools translate (or crosswalk) to decimal-grades.
  • Some campuses with letter grades may not allow +/- grade or may have other grade options not in the palette above.
  • P/NP or S/U - Pass or Satisfactory: The minimum achievement for a P or S is equivalent to a 2.0.
  • Non-passing grades: Instructor must show the student's last date of attendance. If a student ceased attending prior to the end of the class/quarter, provide the last date of interaction.
    • If the student participated up to the end of the class/quarter, enter the date the class or quarter ended.
  • W Drops/Withdrawals: These are system-assigned grades not assigned by instructors. To avoid conflicts with home campus refund and other administrative drop policies, the home institution policies will apply for W Drops/Withdrawals.
  • V Grades: Not all colleges use the V or Z grade as an instructor or unofficial withdrawal. You may assign this grade to students who have not completed coursework.
    • Be aware that some colleges will translate a V or Z grade to an F.
    • Remember, if you do wish to use the V grade, or have a non-passing grade, you must supply the last date of attendance.

Incomplete grades indicate the instructor has given permission to the student to complete the requirements of a course at a later date due to extenuating circumstances. The student must have prior completed work of passing quality to be considered for the incomplete option. An incomplete agreement or contract must be completed by the student and instructor.

The Incomplete procedures and deadlines of the student's home institution or college take precedence. However, the deadline may be determined by the instructor to be earlier than the home college. If the deadline given by the instructor is later than the home college deadline, the student may petition the home college for an extension.

If you choose to give a student an Incomplete grade:

  • Assign an ā€œIā€ grade to the student at the end of the quarter.
  • Determine ā€” with the student ā€” which coursework remains to be completed.
  • If the student will need access to your classroom to complete the work, arranged with your college eLearning Coordinator to let the WAOL staff know which classroom you want the student to use.

SBCTC eLearning will coordinate student access to your classroom at no additional charge to the student.

When the student has completed the work, send the new grade to Brook Bane.

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