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Instructor Intent to Teach (ITT) Form

How to Submit the ITT Form

The Intent to Teach form is available at your MyWAOL page. 

To use the form:

  1. Click the "Intent to Teach" link to open the form.
  2. Select college from the "hiring college name" drop down box. The hiring college is the college where the instructor works for the purposes of the course.
  3. Select the Course type (ECE or CBE) you wish to teach. Note: At this time, only Early Childhood Education courses are available.
  4. Select the course from the WAOL course name and number box.
  5. Select Quarter/Year you wish to teach the course.
  6. Indicate how many sections of the course you would like to teach.
  7. Click Send.  A pop-up screen will confirm your request has been sent to your eLearning Coordinator (ELC).

Screenshot of Intent to Teach form:

Screenshot of ITT form








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