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Shared Course Procedures & Policies

For those already hiring faculty to teach system-owned ECE (Early Childhood Education) courses this page lists all the different policies and procedures regarding shared courses.

Shared Course Procedures 

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To adopt (or offer) a shared course through your college:

ctcLink Colleges:

IMPORTANT: Please read and distribute to appropriate contacts!

  1. If you plan to offer shared ECE courses we need the class numbers and corresponding WAOL ID for each course you are offering your students. These must be provided as shown in the example below, emailed to Brook Bane.
    1. Example:
      ECED& 100         Child Care Basics             Class # 12751 - WAOL 8242
      ECED& 134         Family Child Care            Class # 4582 - WAOL 5322
    2. Brook will enter these into the shared course system and your Canvas administrator will see these indicated as system-shared courses in the Canvas Integration LTI. Your enrolling shared sections will not appear in your college Canvas.
  2. Sign up for one of these listservs so you do not miss important information or alerts regarding shared ECE courses: ECE, ELC or WAOL.   Mailing Lists Sign-up
  3. When a course is canceled or full, ctcLink colleges must close that course for enrollment in Campus Solutions. (The SBCTC office has no control over capacity or if one of your sections is open or closed.)  Alerts are sent out on the lists indicated above. 
  4. Brook Bane will send enrollment verification reports a couple times before instruction begins each quarter as part of ensuring your student enrollments are correct. Please review these and let her know of any discrepancies. 
  5. At the end of the quarter, Brook Bane will send enrollment reports with posted grades for those shared ECE courses. College staff must designate someone to enter these ECE enrollment grades into the Campus Solutions roster(s). (With ctcLink shared course grades must be entered manually and are not automatically transmitted as in SMS.)

Once the college administrator has a local Canvas account for the faculty member they can move through the process below.

  • COLLEGE ADMIN: sends SBCTC Educational Technology the faculty name and account information (name, email, EID)
  • SBCTC Educational Technology: adds account to the “WAOL Shared Course Instructors” classroom in Canvas
  • INSTRUCTOR: logs into their college Canvas account, accesses the “WAOL Shared Course Instructors” course and clicks on the MyWAOL link to activate the account.
  • INSTRUCTOR: Submits an Intent to Teach (ITT) form through MyWAOL each quarter for the course(s) they are hired to teach.
  • COLLEGE ADMIN: Notified of the instructor's ITT request through the Administrator’s MyWAOL account for that college.
  • COLLEGE ADMIN: Approves the class and determines the class capacity using the Administrator’s MyWAOL account for that college (capacity can not exceed 30 per section for a shared course).
  • ALL: Make note that the course runs on specific WAOL start/stop dates.
  • SBCTC Educational Technology: Creates classrooms and grants instructors access to course shell 3 weeks prior to the classroom open date (which is also 4 weeks prior to the instruction start date).
  • INSTRUCTOR: Posts welcome message and course syllabus to classroom one week before instruction start date.
  • COLLEGE ADMIN: Determines one week before the start of instruction whether enrollments in the class are sufficient to run the class that quarter or whether the course will be canceled.
  • SBCTC Educational Technology: Grants students access to course shell 1 week prior to instruction start date
  • INSTRUCTOR: Sees students on their Canvas course roster and in MyWAOL course roster (which they access through the Canvas course titled, “WAOL Shared Course Instructors”). Instructors only see their own college’s students in campus Instructor Briefcase.
  • INSTRUCTOR: Submits students’ grades through their MyWAOL account’s course roster by grades’ due date (grades must be entered by this due date or they do not get sent to the colleges’ P310 SMS system.)
  • SBCTC Educational Technology: Sends grades to enrolled students’ colleges.

Shared Course Policies

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  • Students enrolled through an individual college in a class managed by SBCTC Educational Technology will be subject to and protected by the policies and procedures of the enrolling college.
  • Complaints will be handled through our WAOL Student Complaint Resolution Process
  • Instructors must arrange for a teaching contract through a college in the consortium
    Colleges that hire instructors to teach shared courses must meet all accreditation standards.
    Instructors who teach shared courses must meet the standard qualifications for their field according to the policies of the colleges that hire them.
  • Instructors must demonstrate competency in online pedagogy and in use of the courseware to be used for that class
  • Instructors must post syllabus, outcomes, books, materials, contact information and a welcome message into classroom at least ten days before the start of instruction each quarter
  • The classroom title must match that assigned to the WAOL Course ID
  • Course must run on schedule for days of instruction and grade reporting as determined by SBCTC Educational Technology.
  • Instructors must be online five out of every seven days during the specified instruction period.
  • Instructors must give students specific information on policies for responding to student questions, problems, and assignments.
  • Instructors do not have permission to overload a section or transfer students from another section
  • Instructors use the SBCTC Educational Technology Shared Course Grading Policy
  • Instructors keep a copy of classroom materials offline
  • Instructors submit grades to SBCTC Educational Technology on the assigned due date.
  • Colleges that hire instructors to teach classes that have shared enrollment with other colleges must make information on those instructors available to SBCTC Educational Technology upon request.
  • Instructors are governed by the policies and procedures of the colleges that write their contracts to teach shared courses.
  • Each shared course will be approved by each college that offers it using the established institutional program approval mechanisms for that college.
  • By enrolling students in the course, the college takes responsibility for the curriculum.
  • Each shared course will be developed so that students will be involved in a variety of activities that involve interactive exchanges among other students and between the student and the teacher. This interactivity will be accomplished in one or more of the following ways:
    • Online discussion, recorded lecture, and/or distributed orientation session
    • Either synchronous or asynchronous chat room
    • Threaded discussion
    • Email communications among students and between students and faculty.
    • LISTSERVs in which questions or notices will be posted by any participant and automatically sent to all participant mailboxes.
  • Outcomes and assessment methods in shared courses will be detailed in observable, measurable and achievable terms. The learning design, delivery structure and course design will be consistent with the intended learning outcomes.
  • In making admission decisions, enrolling colleges will require whatever assessment of shared course students that are required for any other student.
  • Shared courses will be listed and transcripted in the same way any other credit course is listed and transcripted at each enrolling institution.
  • All shared courses will use the SBCTC Educational Technology shared course Grading Policy and meet the deadlines for grade submission as listed in our course calendar.
  • Grade disputes will be governed by the policies of the college where the student is enrolled.
  • Colleges using SBCTC Educational Technology to share a course with other colleges will be billed $55 per student for enrollments and provided a report with information on enrollments from other colleges. The hiring college is responsible for billing those colleges for instruction costs.
  • For colleges that have hired an instructor for a system-owned shared course SBCTC Educational Technology will invoice enrolling colleges $55 per credit, per student. The hiring college is responsible for the instructor’s contract
  • Billing for system-owned shared courses is a pass-through process; there is no need to invoice SBCTC Educational Technology. The college will either receive a check for the amount owed or an invoice for that quarter’s instruction fees. For example, if the instruction fees due to the college are higher than the invoiced 10th day fees then the college would receive a check for the difference. If the amount due from the college is higher than the college’s instruction fees (or if the college did not hire any instructors) then the college will receive an invoice for that amount.

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