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Online Student Complaint Resolution Process

The process outlined below is for online students and faculty. 

  1. SBCTC Educational Technology office receives a complaint from a student by phone, email or through a college contact.
  2. SBCTC Educational Technology office determines if the problem is “technical” ( for example: email glitch, typographical error the instructor can fix, course learning management system mishap). If the problem is technical, SBCTC contacts the instructor, follows up to make sure the problem is solved, and lets all parties involved know about the problem resolution. In general, SBCTC Educational Technology office staff does not contact a college for technical problems.
  3. If the problem is not technical, SBCTC provides the instructor and the Teaching College eLearning Coordinator (ELC) information about the complaint and asks the instructor for a response. SBCTC leaves out the name of the student if the student doesn’t wish to be named.
  4. In some cases, information from the instructor can solve the problem, and SBCTC reports back to the student and/or college, prints out all correspondence and files under the instructor’s name.
  5. If the instructor’s response does not solve the problem (for example: grade dispute, student wants to file a formal complaint against the instructor for something that happened in the classroom), SBCTC advises the student to follow the student complaint procedures in place at the college where he/she is enrolled. SBCTC directs the student to the Enrolling College ELC for assistance. SBCTC provides the Enrolling College ELC with background information on the problem, contact information for the instructor, and contact information for the Teaching College ELC.


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