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Washington OER and Low-Cost Labeling Policies

About the Implementation Guide

The Washington Community and Technical College system has gone through four rounds of statewide studies in order to establish the policies that guide the labeling of courses with OER and Low-Cost materials. See a full list of the study reports.

These labeling policies are now instituted in the SBCTC coding manual and require colleges to identify courses accordingly. This guide provides Washington’s community and technical colleges with practical implementation tools and a detailed overview of the labeling policies.

Start by reviewing the Comprehensive Labeling Guide


Common Questions

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YES. The OER and Low-Cost labeling policies are mechanisms that were developed to support our colleges in complying with State Law passed in 2017 & 2020 (RCW 28B.50.789). All WA community & technical colleges are required to inform students at the time of registration which courses use OER and Low-Cost materials.

Try our OER & Low-Cost Labeling Tool. You simply answer a few questions and the tool helps you determine which label would be most suitable for your course.


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